Saturday, July 28, 2012

Crystal Lamp

Floor Crystallamp
Hight 120cm,width and length 30x30cm, two layers cystall,weight 7kg.
4 bulbs
Frame made from steel welded,
 and then in  plastic laminated and coating to prevent the rust. 
need 400 used  aqua bottles.
Pendant Crysta Lamp
Dimension 55x55x80cm, Crystal 3 layers, each 28cm long, weight 4kg
Steel structures, plastic laminated. Steel strap hanger,
12 bulb, clear cable.
Circle Crystal lamp, 
diameter 45cm, sircular plastic pipe structur, weight 1,5kg,
1 bulb
30cm crystal curtain.
Straigh Crystal Lamp
High 90cm, widthxlengthsize 28x28cm, two layer crystal curtain, 
each 24cm, 2 bulbs
Weight 1,5kg