Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Don't Buy

Do not always have to buy.
It is not easy to not buy, especially now that all goods are available in super markets, malls or even in traditional markets. but certainly not all people always buy the items needed even though he had excess money

Pontiac 1933
Why are people so hard to build an ancient car of the wreckage that has been discarded? Why do people painstakingly paint his house wall? even though the job looks rough because it is often done builder. Or you've heard of people whose hobby is hunting down old money to the end of the of the world ? Continue to whether he a waste of money that way? Of course not!
Berco Lamp
All of that is for the sake of satisfaction, and other definite uniqueness of others.
As a new movement was born, where people live in the era of the digital world completely automated and computer-paced, even bored! and looking for something that was forgotten a lot of people in general. Examples of new products is now a lot of stuff that is born of goods alias recycle waste, and born in the form of new and sometimes unexpected functional never before, like for example, lamps made from tap water, a clock made from old plastic pipe construction.
Recycle these goods are now side by side with luxury goods at a prestigious place. Let's say each person in the world is always recycle possessions, how great would reduce the pollution of the earth 
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Don't buy