Friday, December 10, 2010

Free Garbage Jakarta

This information is quite bombastic, Jakarta still full of many garbage mounting increasingly. More than 500 tons of plastics waste per day accumulated in Jakarta, that can not be destroyed.
Plastic waste is generated mostly from,mall, supermarket, traditional market.Need   to replace the plastic waste packaging with easily recyclable materials, although still expensive, but if they do it all at once would be cheaper.Of course, our  environments will fresh, clean,the land so fertile, and the river not flood anymore,like now.Still need  time and need support of all parties because they don't like to reserve the hand. Behind the complexity of the problem of garbage.
Sometimes there is just unique idea that was never imagine before, although this activities is a small but serious premises are managed and worked with art of course the result can be exported. For example many community with a sincere craftmentship  who finance and produce handicraft from waste  material. Recently the country has not been widely appreciated but they are not pessimistic because foreign market, would greatly appreciate. Surely the government should encourage and facilitate this activity not only reduce waste  but also create new job.

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