Monday, January 31, 2011

Egypt and Pending Craft

Reflexiolamp ,US$ 375
Relieflamp, US$ 35
Egypt and Pending Craft
Middle eastern countries are in turmoil, a lot of influence on Indonesian export to the country. Starting from Tunisia and has begun to spread  other middle eastern neighbor. Egypt had overtaken Tunisia, and many more are potentially turbulent countries, like Libya, Yemen, etc..
Sensatiocraft again began negotiations with buyers from the countries of Egypt, and now suddenly could not be reached and cut off all connections to the buyer they will be, of course we must be good to address it, because after the trade is also closely linked with politics. We can not select a customer let alone online, only limited information and connection of existing data.
But once Sensatiocraft remain patient and wait for the situation to improve, hopefully a better future and create even more demand increases.

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