Friday, January 7, 2011

Secret of Craft

Reflexio lamp
Secret of Craft
Businesses who never hit a recession is a craft. 

Craft business does not need big capital, because the basic material can be found all around us, the employee is not difficult because in addition many also do not need high skills.
Moreover, if we want a little concerned about the environment, all around us a lot of material is wasted material. Examples of when you build a house, try to remember remember any material is wasted? but still new and still can be empowered. Pralon pipe, iron pipe, fiber, wood chips, paper, cement, Polycarbonate, ceramics, water faucet, plumbing, wires. Very abundant material is wasted when it was new.
So very easy and do not have to come out of capital to get that material, what we need to continue to provide yes of course, the most important equipment and materials that will be fine. Now to find the idea or design you also do not worry, just go to the internet and search craft design  thousands of models and designs there is, of course, we will not trace them exactly, it's only one way to look for ideas.
It is all easy to do, the most important thing is marketing, how do to market craft ? Wait  for the next post .. yes

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