Thursday, December 15, 2011

Unlinier Value of Goods

Unlinier Value of Goods
The value of goods is not always linear with raw materials, for example, paintings, sculptures, art works.
Painting it may be seen the price is only 10% of its  raw material, even sometimes 0,0000000001% of its raw material. 
Remember Salvador Dali, Picasso and Affandy they are not only a  artist master but also can create anything into masterpiece, with only a little bit of capital.....
Do not be compared Sensatiocraft with thembut the spirit and dreams Sensatiocraft sure will bring his work into reality.

Pick up littercollecting junk, they reset the product to make it more useful and functional is a routine that must be done consistentlyNo matter the ridiculeand scorn ....

Try to observe the reflections that have been creating lighting products from plastic pipe is wasted all around us, have youthought before? 
These products are now sold at prices up to  U.S.$ 40, whereas the price of the material is almost 0 or  Zero Capital. Evidently the price is not always linearly proportional to raw materials.
The spirit is the soul of every Sensatiocraft products.
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