Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lampu botol Chlorella Wakasa

Lights bottle Chlorella Wakasa
45cm high, cardboard fiber hood  hole style,  off white color, top diameter 26cm, width 10cm basic bottle. Bottles combined with the PVC pipe and  bamboo stick, at the top of it.
This bottle was made for my lights, but with consideration functionally, become a more unique product. And do not leave an antique impression .
Design a simple and compact form the bottle this considering that is already good. Color, brand and it's texture , so do not need to be erased.
Unfortunately this product is very limited, and only one.
The lamp is very suitable in the reading room, the sensation is illuminate each of the books while you read, and with a view to make you thirsty  that you read from each sheet page book that you open. With the light of the nation achieve this follow, Amen.
Salam sensatio, Bambang PE.