Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Berco lamp sculpture

Berco Lamp Sculpture
Berco is a bicycle lamp ancient times used heritage, this lamp I found in  junk market at  the distance of about 450 km from where I live. Berko was already rusty, but the rust made  unique pattern, spreading, mottled spots that glowed when the light beam hit. Impression in this thing for me, because it is the most exotic parts of the bicycle, and bicycles that time is the only means of transportation that could buy my parents. Yes .. with my bike to go to schools located about 20 km, and at that time had not paved the road at all.
With this I can little bit nostalgic memories along the road , hot and tired to imagine pedaling time. Once upon a time asked that the presence of bicycles, but no one can answer that ...... may have ingested very old.I did not want to make this a light berko course, but I want to make moreh than that, a statue! , because Berko  is also a witness to my journey.
Do not stop here, I also will finish several statues that may also impressive in for you, because only with a touch of taste, poor things can be meaningful.
Salam sensatio, Bambang PE