Thursday, December 2, 2010

Valuable all around us

All around us we find a lot of waste products, are like bottles, wrapping paper, plastic, pipe, and other metal goods. Indeed, not all dangerous and cause odor, but just imagine suppose goods are piling up around our house, there would be a problem.
Sometimes we are also not aware of our habits of consumption,allways underestimate of used stuff, where we always buy new stuff that we do not really need.This occurs because the process of capitalization in developing countries are increasingly out of control, you try to look around the house we already have how many supermarkets, mini markets and even now already coincide around our house. Example in Instructables
We are increasingly aware that we have become economically colonized other countries, where we are powerless to make its own factory, because it will be expensive product that we will fabricated, because the cost of expensive bureaucracy. 
So what our actions, of course, we have to press the government to simplify the bureaucracy, and help people who want to be independent, and produces its own.

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