Wednesday, December 7, 2011

There Is A Disk In The Eiffel Tower

 There is a disk in the Eiffel tower
What is the relationship between the hard disk of a computer andthe Eiffel Towermaking it seem like thereIt is only work that could create your creative relationship between these objectsbecome truly real.
One time when my computer hard disk is damaged when it alsostopped the work so as to replace a new hard diska shame if the goods that have contributed to waste. But what to do?
One time also dreamed up the Eiffel tower so far awaywhy the two events were not we just combineHard disk which issupported on the Eiffel tower, the hard disk is now safely remainwith usbecause every time he reminds us of the signs of time ...that is a clock of the hard disk and a beautiful Eiffel tower uprightsustain its existence.
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