Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lady Gaga Pioneer of Recycle Fashion

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Lady Gaga in recycle fashion
Sensatiocraft is one blog that contains the product recycle stuff, trying to remind people not to throw stuff at random, or always buy the goods necessary to redesign a new form, and sometimes new functions. What is not wise at this time if we throw garbage at any place, especially inorganic waste is not easy to decompose in the landfill , such as plastic, metal and other solid objects., and even poison the environment.Sensatiocraft gives examples of creating and redesigning wastage of each item into a product that is completely new, both in form and function.
1. Instructables:
Here you will find healthy living for decorating, crafting, gardening, kids, paper, cake decorating, Green living, Halloween ideas, and healthy food recipes. Find out ten uses for your old toothbrush, make a recycled Lady Gaga Halloween outfit, woodworking contests, and many other do-it-yourself craft ideas. Instructables also features many Halloween costume and accessories that are upcycle friendly.
Find do it yourself instructions on how to upcycle your art, milk cartons, soda bottles, clothes, natural items, and newspapers. This site also tells how to make Thanksgiving decorations out of things lying around the house. You can also catch up on green living articles that teach you how to recycle Christmas trees, phonebooks, how to build it green, green gifts for a eco-fashionista, making a green carpet, how to save water and energy using composting toilets, and more.
3. Think Crafts:
This site is full of green crafting ideas, floral crafts, holidays and seasons, home decor, painting, rubber stamping, sewing, trends, jewelry making, kid's crafts, floral crafts, scrapbooking, projects, neddlearts, and paper crafts. I also like the Halloween crafting ideas that teach you how to make a black crow, cat, mouse, or spooky Halloween decorations.
Creative crafting that teaches you how to recycle plastic water bottles into something useful. Find out what really happens to plastic botles and how you can turn the waste into something helpful for your household. You can turn the bottles into Green items such as a change purse, coupon holder, or purse.
Do you have extra water or soda bottles that you need to recycle? Then this site is for you. Turn the materials into headbands for your daughters' dolls. You can also find do it yourself crafts for birthday parties, centerpieces, Christmas crafts, bridal shower decorations, baby gifts, art, green crafts, Father's day, hair clips, Halloween, costumes, favors, entertainment, origami, handbags, jewelry, nature crafts, japanese crafts, vintage crafts, wedding favors, knitting, recycled art, sewing, holiday crafts, sumo Halloween costumes, photography, recipes, and season items.
This site is not only eco-friendly, but it showcases independent designers and artists, and people who are hard at work making the world a better place. Their motto is that one person can make a difference. They also have contests for Etsy's Upcycling contest, where you can enter your Green living creations. You too can easily make modern handmade sustainable designs.
A forum for discussing your upcycle crafts with other friendly users. Share your craft photos, read the craft blogs, take part in the community, check out sewing and needlework.
A place where you can find supplies, sell your work, or buy handmade items. They also hold contests where you can share your upcycle crafts. Showcasing more do it yourself crafts complete with step by step instructions for easy upcylcing. Get a head start on your Christmas craft ideas with Folksy.
Learn more about sustainable living, wiser Earth, Permaculture, vegie cars, life changing events, useful platns, organic foods, do it yourself recycling, natural pest control, energy efficient building methods, homemade household products, herbal remedies, aquaponics, organic gardening, must see documentaries, perma-culture, organic beer, and other ways to reuse and recycle.
10. My Recycled Bags:
Learn and share information about recycling and Green crafting. You will also find ideas on how to use plastic bags and make recycled purses.
Upcycling is a wonderful way to impact your world, and the world around you. Recycling and green living can provide great benefits for an eco-friendly environment. Get inspired!
Source [Renee Bagley,Sensatiocraft]