Monday, January 21, 2013

Workshop Art Recycle Craft

Workshop Art Recycle Craft
Reuse, Recycle, Used Drinking Bottles Into The Crystal Lamp
By Bambang P Eryanto

A lot of used  drinking bottles are scattered around us, ironically bottles sold are relatively still in good condition,when placed in Council recycling bins. Unfortunately  many bad bottles  are dumped on the ground, or thrown by the roads or into waterways. What are the consequences ? Yes, environmental pollution. Most plastic need hundreds of years to decompose in the landfill. So, increasingly many plastic pollution in our environment  damaging our soil and killing our fish and wildlife.
By empowering human resources we can process waste plastic bottles into a more functional art. For example, right now a lot of crystal lamps are widely sold in the market come from other countries, the price is also expensive with mediocre quality.
In my workshops, I will train how to make crystal lamps from used drinking bottles into crystal lamps of  high artistic value, and relatively inexpensive.
This activity does not need any special skills or high-tech equipment. Participants  just need the will and assembly its accuracy for completing the work. Who may be involved in this activity:
1. Homeless
2. Uneducated people
3. Marginal people
4. Unemployed, especially youth.
5. housewives
5. Anyone who cares about the environment
Benefits of  sponsoring this event
1. Reducing plastics pollution
2. Educating people to love the environment
3. Educating the public to reduce the  consumptive  life style
4. Creating new jobs
5. Reducing unemployment.
1. After attending this workshop participants are able to process waste into functional art and craft.
2. Able to  make new creations, using  waste material.
3. Understand how to  market their work.
4. Inspire the world with a more spectacular works, based on waste material.
Detailed  running of workshop
Schedule for ten days Workshop, 8 hours each days, 1 hour  coffee break , not include Saturday and Sunday
I.Material introduction(day 1)
1. Material introduction, types of plastics, usability, and hazard. Ask  people care about the environment by collecting used drinking bottles , and regardless of whatever it is, do not be thrown away.
2. Separation of materials
3. Cleaning materials
II.Design  product(day 1-2)
1 Determine form of product to be made.
2 Sketching form  of product to be made
3. Calculating material needed.
III.Frame structure  preparation(day 3-4)
1 Welding steel frame
2 Grinding
3 Coating
IV.Cutting used drinking bottles(day 4-5)
1.Cutting plastic bottles
2.Perforate the plastic
3.Cut into small pieces
4.Heating the small plastic pieces with the stove for shaping.
V. Crystal arranging(day 6-8)
1.The preparation of a series of plastic crystals
2.Set the plastic pieces into the fishing line, through the needle.
VI. Finishing.(day 8-9-10)
1.Build series of pieces of plastic that have been strung together
2. Series of things mounted on the frame
3. Hanging the lamp After completion.
4. Turn on the lamp
5.Hanging  the lamp for strength test and the clearness of the crystal.
VII. Finish(day-10)
Tool Needed(pictures attached)
1. Portable electric Welding machine (1)
2. Mask(1)
3. Electrode(20)
4. Hand gloves
5. Grinder(1)
6. Iron Clamp(1)
7. Hammer(1)
8. Screwdriver(2)
9. Pliers(2)
10. Hole puncher(4)
11. Glue gun(1, glue 20)
12. Big needle-such as used  by shoe maker(20),
13.Mini stove(1),
15.Cable extension(1),
16.Sock wrench-number 8(1),
17 Wire stripper and cutter(1, use for cutting and stripping cable before assembled)
Material Needed(pictures attached)
1.Used drinking bottles, needed  min 500 pieces. Used plastics wrapper, clear colour(about 40 pieces)
2. Rod and clamp(8m, 4 clamp),Electric Clear cable(20m),Bulbs Fitting(12), Fitting plug(1), iron wire(2m),Steel wire(12m)
3. Fishing line(3, clear colour)
4. Silver paint(1), clear coating paint(1)
5.Sand paper(2 pieces),
6. Electric bulb(clear, 15watt, 12 bulb)
Rod+clamp, is the iron wire with plastic laminated on surface, flexible,silver colour, completed clamp.Need 8 mt. This wire use for hanging lamp.
Iron wire, diameter 2mm, sometimes white color, binding easily. Need 2 m only.
Steel wire, diameter 5mm, sometimes black color, usually used in construction building, need    12mtr. This wire usually  use for  structure frame in construction building.
Presentation Tools Needed
1.       White board+spidol.
2.       Internet connector.
Workshop  Schedule
Year 2013/2014(Brisbane-Sydney-Melbourne)
Cost for instructor
Required  air flight tickets, Jakarta –Australia  and return, ($ 1800.00 AUS)
Accommodations while in Australia