Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lampu batu alam Italy

Natural stone lamp Italy

60cm high. Diameter base 15cm, high 27cm hood. Italy natural stone materials, fiber hood black cardboard. Lamp-based beverage bottles, natural stones on surfaces (Italy), combined some PVC pipe, equipped with a hood and black prism model. The lamp is shaped weird, because it is not common, a little bit eerie, but it is sensation  for antique lovers, although far from the effect of Horror. The lamp is created due to botol2 straggle around us, the page unique bottle shape, but sometimes still raw. Need a little imagination and a touch of arts, to become like  this . With the use of this product means that you have space on the material that is simple and does not  valuable, the value of art to be functional and have a high added value. Salam sensatio, Bambang PE