Sunday, March 25, 2012

Simple Craft







Catclock-Winner Award
Make Crystal lamp from recycle bottles.
Many beverage bottles, such as aqua, coca-cola, Fanta bottles and other bottles, let it alone. And only the scavengers who take advantage by selling kilogram, well, about 1 kilo only priced at Rp 4000, - or the equivalent of 0.5 dollars. Sensatiocraft trying to collect old bottles, from places anywhere, also including the gathering of around us, after drinking, or from some ex-drink bottles left on the table just like that.We began to design and engineer can roughly be what? decoration, ashtray or lamp? Well maybe the latter is our choice, because the lights can be displayed in the form of a varied and diverse style, which is important with lights, can be more functional than just window-dressing.As an example we create a light display that is placed on the floor, with a height of about 120cm, with a rectangular shape elongated.
The steel must be smoothed, because full of rust.
 After the welding, and created the framework as a buffer, the iron wrapped with clear plastic. Plastic is also obtained from the former waste plastics used anything after cleaning. Furthermore, to preserve the plastic coated with varnish, rather thick.The result is an iron frame to be more clean, shiny and thick craftmentship  impression once, because the plastic coil, the texture is nice and shiny.We need to think about nearly 60 large bottles of mineral water. The process is sometimes boringly. It turned out to complete a single lamp takes 4 days, with two workers.Actually there is not enough alone, Sensatiocraft tried to offer the results of these crafts and sold at a price of Rp 750,000, -(US$ 95), a result that is not vain, when viewed from the standpoint of industry, because the creation of this product with almost no capital. And one light alone has involved two scavengers as suppliers continue it's supplies..Dan they get better prices than sold in a plastic collectors. Sure they would join to practice making your own goods, and this is the objective to be achieved Sensatiocraft, want to empower them without patronizing them.
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