Thursday, May 3, 2012

Crystal Lamp for a Thousand Places of Worship

We find many places of Worship, be it a mosque, church and other places of worship, they use light as a lamp primary crystals, and purchased expensive, imported goods and the quality is mediocre.We have started making lamps Crystal Alternative, to be used in place of worship with a unique shape, with the use of waste material.Sensatiocraft had a dream to share the light into a thousand places of worship, of course we can not realize our own need and donor support to compensate for the cost of materials and tablespoons are doing it. We invite for anyone interested to join this project succeed. Because Sensatiocraft designer can only provide power, and the workshop where he works. Sensatiocraft not collect benefits from this project.

Process of making Crystal Lamp 
There are several examples that have been made, one 120cm height, width and length of 30x30cm, kira2 7kg.Frame made from steel welded, and then in  plastic laminated and coating to prevent the rust. 250-300 requires the used  aqua bottles.

1 light to 5 working days, hours 9-16 hours of work, if done 2 people. Takes patience to cut and assemble the pieces of small pieces of aqua bottle TSB, assembled one by one strung with plastic strap
Human Resources  
Many of our brothers in our own less fortunate, they are very happy if any of these activities, in addition to those they can no longer unemployed and the income that could be a capital skills for independence.Scavengers are usually put up plastic plastic shell casing to collectors at prices so cheap, we can help by buying a more reasonable price, we even help to train them in order to sell a new product from the former aqua bottles.If the project for Thousand Lights Crystal Places of Worship is running, a lot of benefits to our environment, our automated clean soil from plastic pollution. Remember the hundreds of years for plastic to biodegrade in the soil .... hah ...
Had a lot of support this project, will greatly help to overcome unemployment, create new jobs by utilizing the waste of goods, reducing plastic pollution. Increase income for the scavengers, reducing conflic, is often the case in our environment such as the brawl. Educate people to not consumptive. Surely by donating and providing the results of our work to a place of worship, will add to our practice. 
Breakdown of costs  
For 1 Crystal Lamp in details: . Basic material Iron wire Rp 32.000,-,Sand paper Rp 15,000 ,Wire  welding Rp 15,000, -, Electric Plug 4, Rp 32 000, -, 30mt cable Rp 45.000, -, Electrical fee/5days Rp 25,000, -, Glue Rp 12,000, -, Grind Rp 12,000,-Subtotal Rp 179.000,2. Used  aqua bottle 250-300 bottle price of Rp 240,000, -3. 3.Labour  costs   for 2 in 5  days Rp 275.000, -  Total cost (1 +2 +3) required for a light Rp 694 000, -(=USD 75)
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