Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Not Super But Very Interesting

Don't buy...
Sometimes we get bored with the performance of our stuff alreadylook old, such as cars, furniture, replace with a new purchase is not a wise solution, continue what we do. Sensatiocraft invites you to livenot consumptive, but still fashionable
Sensatiocraft probably only one of them in this world who dare to guarantee a lifetime furniture. Not mean Sensatiocraft arrogant with his courage, but with this we can reduce the waste that exists on eartheducating for life-saving, educating to always act creative.
1.Vintage Chair. This is a combination of car seat that has beenreconditioned, the holder of office chairs that we take his boothalone. Conditions are still very strong because of the former old-fashioned chairs. The material is still good compared to today's seat.
2. Sew machine table, the table is a combination of old sewing machines that we just take his booth, the glass can be tailored to the needs, and many more...
3. Lens Wallet, made from used rice wrapper, acrylic colour painted.
4. Aqua hanger, made from used rice wrapper. acrylic colour painted.
5. Sunscreen, modification from old  Mercedes rear sunscreen, suitable for jeep, will protect your inside from the hot.
6. Saddle chair, old sycle saddle memorabilia combine the strong steel stand and roller, present the amazing and sensational chair.

You do not have to buy or create your own product, 
Sensatiocraft receive material from all parties and the desired design. 
Let's learn together and create something new from the lost goods.
Recycle Jeep

Sunsreen inside the Jeep