Saturday, January 7, 2012

Classico Relif Lamps

Classico Relief Lamps

Lamps with full relief perforated minimalis classicly.

H 60 cm, basepipe diamtr 11cm ,shade dimtr 30, hardpaper texture offwhite luminated white plastic inside, combine Italy stone white, material body from pipe pvc ofwhite colour, full relief classicly curving.
H 57cm, basepipe diamtr 11cm, shade diamtr 30cm, hardpaper perforated texture offwhite colour, material body from plastic pipe pvc, full relief clasic curving.
H 45cm, diamtr basepipe 11cm, Shade diamtr 30cm hardpaper illustrated naturalleafsdrying luminated tranparant plastic. Material body from plastic pipe pvc full relief classic curving.
Spec size = CLR02, motif relief and shade model different as look like in picture.
AC 220v, max 60watt