Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Not Only Craft But Also Aircraft

Indonesia not only export craft, it can also make a plane belonging to sophisticated and packed with high technology. PT Dirgantara Indonesia, located in Bandung with the ebb and flow, estimates that the plane N219 will fly at the latest Year 2013.
N219 Ready to Roll
Currently, the aviation pioneer in several parts of the archipelago such as Papua is still using the old production aircraft, like the Twin Otter. Some existing units have improper wear necessitating a more modern aircraft.
Therefore, since 2006, PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PT DI) to develop aircraft with a capacity of 19 persons N219 to replace the existing pioneer aircraft. Currently, the aircraft aerodynamic tests have been completed.

PT DI will produce a plane based on orders. Making a number of units requiring fund about US$ 1 billion.  N219 aircraft specifications designed in accordance with the geographical condition of Indonesia. The aircraft is capable of landing on short runway so that it can be applied in remote areas with limited land.
The development of small aircraft capable of reaching remote areas is very fitting. Many parts of Indonesia that is not easily accessible by land transportation. The plane pilot could be a solution.
Aircraft N219 has great potential to be marketed to areas such as Sumatra and Papua. The aircraft is also expected to be marketed to other countries that still require, for example countries in Africa.
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