Monday, November 22, 2010

Really amazing craft


Good stuff is not always expensive! 
You can start from around us, see so much stuff scattered all around us. There is a pipe used, no plastic bottles, there are waste paper, also all of  kinds of furniture that has not used that often 
Pinguin lamp
thrown away all around us.We also never realized that we too often buy new stuff, old stuff even though we can still be used. Automatically  old stuff that still dispose of a waste, so that our earth more and more pollution. for  example, the used plastic can decompose in the earth need 100 years more, not including other, more hazardous waste.If we do not start from now when else? almost every second man on this earth just throw away their waste. Unimaginable what it would be next 10 years or next 20 years again or even longer if we do not begin to care for nature.

Cat clock from used material
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