Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ancient Plumbing Lamp

USD 195, Height 56cm,
on off switch,
220 v, standard bulb.

USD 150, flexible stand max
height 45cm,
dimmer switch, 220 v, small bulb.

USD 90, H 35cm, on off switch,
220v, standard bulb
All price FOB Bogor-Indonesia,
Hp 0817158357
Ancient knee plumbing, water tap, another iron pipe, and pipe in variour form. We often find both in the warehouse, in the old building or even just sitting in the trash. Goods are not very useful and even pollute the invironment. Let us thinking for a moment, how much stuff we always by? but if we thing and realize more of the good are merely repetition of the goods. Being creative is not the way of the mind of each person, but frugality let alone get something unique is its own pleasure in life...
 1. Creazione
 2. Idea
 3. Recyclart