Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Crop circle and Craft

Circle crop
Crop circles and craft

Crop circle is a work of art that we should enjoy, not important to us arguing over who was to make. There must be a purpose behind the creation of crop circle. Because the work is usually created in a quick and perfect appearance, without someone knowing at the time of the drafting process.
Why do people always link this crop circle with outer space creatures, even though such work is also very easy to do by simple man. Clearly the perpetrator must have planned carefully. Artists also have begun now saturated with media that is all around us, so naturally if they use outdoor media are quite spacious and easy to invite the attention of many people, as a work that is not cheap.
So what do crop circle with a craft, both of them are works of art which we shall enjoy, free from controversy. The process of creation of crop circles as well as with the creation of craft, of which both of them involves the human, natural and material. Only difference if trading craft, crop circles are just left and everyone enjoyed the free, complete with the creation of crop circle mystery.

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