Thursday, June 16, 2011

Souvenirs Are Hunted by Celebrity

Souvenirs Are Hunted by Celebrity
Possibly because saturated with luxury goods that are generally fabricated, the celebrity and the rich, even Kings and Princes are now hunting stuff weird stuff. Including items made from unusual materials, such as a table of closed, the lights of the washer, and even a clock made ​​from junk computer hard disk.What are their reasons for seeking the item? Not because they do not want to emulate it with others. They are willing to spend lots of money just to maintain their prestige, as willing to buy a lamp made ​​from old shower costing hundreds of dollars.

Flexible Lamp
High 50cm, Weight 1 kg
Material from several used stainless steel, brass pipe, 
stainless steel faucet, strong bolt connected and strong welded connected. 
Brass flexible stand can be up and down.On off switch and dimmer electric on the base.
Small bulb 15 watt, smooth for lighting.
Collectible Item, one stock only.
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