Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sensatiocraft's coffin was cheated by Advertising Director

Small coffin for the Hallowen Gift
Sensatiocraft's  coffin was cheated by Advertising Director

Small coffin ​​as a gift packing box, produced and created by  Bambang P Eryanto the owner of Sensatiocraft  was inspired many people. No exception of a director of an advertising company Buzz & Co Sumardy . consciously or not he's actually more of an NGO Jadewa and send it to the Commission and to
sent to Trans TV, and Indonesia Corruption Committee, just remind people that Indonesia is still full of corruption.
Though Sensatiocraft coffin was originally only designed to wrap a gift to be more unique than others, not unexpectedly fierce seize people's attention. Particularly renowned expert marketing experts participated commented on the coffin. Although some marketing experts criticized this way because it was considered contrary to the ethics and prevalence, they also criticized that marketing is a marketing style of coffin that instant, that will not affect much in the long term, so the spoken Renald Kasali, one of the leading Marketing Expert Indonesia.

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