Monday, April 23, 2012

New Look of Trash Chair

plastic wrap-1 year collected

old chair-broken chair

Trash Chair-The New Look

Amazing colour

Romantic chair
Anyone who is shopping, definitely landed a wrapper, and till now still use the wrapper is of plastic material. Why? for packaging made ​​of recycled still expensive. The seller does not care that the plastic material is extremely environmentally unfriendly.
My family tried to collect all the plastic wrap shopping and do not throw at all, wow....almost 1 year was collected two rice sacks full. About 5 kg weight, I did not have the heart to dispose of waste in place, of course plastic pollution damn it need more hundreds of years to biodegrade in the soil. In my heart I'm also interested in the colorful of plastic wrap, so I save it.
And right now, I've got a broken chair, and I immediately took the pile of wrapping plastic had to replace the cushion of the chair.
Very impressive results because my old chair was born again with a fresh new look. Chair from the trash, I called the trash chair.
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