Friday, October 19, 2012

Sensatiocraft Kicked Sydney

Pipe Relief Lamp.
Pipe relief perforated H 35cm, Diameter 11cm, weight 300gr,  off white color,
 acrylic inside, polished dark brown coconuts tree base. 
Ac 220 v, max 40 watt, on-off switch.
Travelodge Hotel - Wenworth St Sydney
Night Lamp Contemporer 
High  28cm, diameter  11cm, weight  500gr. Material plastic pipe,
 carved in contemporer style.
Designed for sleeping lamp,  power electric 5 watt.
Dimension 22x28x30cm, 900 gr weight. Catclock  in the box 
knockdown system, to put it back very easily, and where the art has catclock are not just any clock
.Invites you to imagine the shape and behavior of a funny cat, please explore 
here as your imagination. Packing Dimension : 14x14x30cm, 900 gr weight, carton, wrapped plastic inside.

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